Prototype I: user test in a refugee center in Italy

Location: “la tua Isola” cooperative (refugees centre), Besate, Italy

Date: 01.07.2018 – 01.08.2018

Agrishelter  prototype I was built in July 2018 in a refugee centre in Besate near Milan. A kit of prefabricated wooden components was produced in a wood factory in Italy and straw bales were collected from a local farmer in the region.

4 refugees, who were participating voluntarily in the project, assembled the prototype in a few days and after that they lived in it for one month in order to test the quality of the living space which resulted in a very positive feedback. 

This project also included a collaboration with university of Bath for the project called “healthy housing for the displaced”. Data loggers that were sent by the university team were installed inside and outside the shelter in order to monitor thermal performance and interior comfort of the prototype. 

Collected data from the sensors shows great thermal performance of the shelter.